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Almost every house using the dryer every day,the dryer duct getting full of lint with the time .Animal nesting is also another frequent cause of dryer vent blockage.

When the dryer duct vent is clogged catch on fire.

​Dryer vent on fire



Dryer vent cleaning help

Preventing fire Dryer will last longer with less repairs
Clothes will dry fast

Save on electric bill


Bird removal & Bird guard installation

Lint from the dryer duct



How do you know when to get dryer vent cleaned ?

.If the dryer take longer time than usual to dry

.If the outside of the dryer very hot

.If the flap not opened when the dryer is on

.If you didn't clean over  a year

               dryer duct need to be clean at least once 

                a year.

.If you smell burning when you run the dryer

                make sure you don't use the dryer

                until you clean the dryer duct

Don't let happen that to your property