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Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Anything that spoils the indoor air quality in your home can cause health problems, which can lead to unexpected medical costs.

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?
Your hot air furnace heats air and blows it through the air duct system to be distributed in the rooms. Return ducts then bring cold air to the furnace to get heated. With time, debris, dirt, pet dander, pollen, and other materials are deposited in the ducts. Due to condensation, the possibility of mold and mildew growing in your ducts is high. As the air is taken out into the rooms, it carries with it these contaminants. This is what causes poor quality of your indoor air.

What Does This Lead to?

Poor indoor air quality causes more than foul smell in your home; it comes loaded with health implications. Prolonged exposure to the contaminants in the air can lead to allergic reactions even if you have led a normal life before. If you have a pre-existing asthmatic condition, the contaminants will trigger asthmatic attacks, which can be fatal. This is the reason you need professional air duct cleaning services when moving in a new home, or you have had renovation done. We only use certified, qualified, and trained professionals who understand what to do to leave your home clean, for long.

Why You Should Clean Dryer Vents and Ducts

If you are a property owner, then it is important to have the dryer ducts and vents cleaned on a regular basis. You probably don’t realize how much debris is inside duct work because these devices are inside the walls of a building, but there are several signs that indicate the items are filled with debris such as household dust, lint and hair. Some of the signs that indicate that you need dryer duct cleaning include:

• The exterior of your dryer gets hotter than usual
• It takes longer for items to dry
• You smell a burning odor inside a building
• Steam is not emitting from the dryer’s vent

Failing to complete dryer vent cleaning after each load of items is dry can lead to lint and debris sliding into the back of the appliance or into the duct work, making it impossible for steam to escape. Not only does this situation damage a dryer, but also, it can lead to a fire. The debris in the venting system can overheat, creating a spark that burns down a building. In some cases, the dryer overheats because the steam is not emitting from the appliance, causing the motor to spark and burn.

Cleaning Duct work Is Dangerous

Dryer duct cleaning is a complicated process because you will need an extension ladder or bucket truck to reach the vents located on the exterior of a building, and this is why it is important to hire a professional dryer vent cleaning company. Technicians can climb up a ladder, or they are raised on a bucket truck extension arm to reach the vents. In order to access the interior surface of the dryer’s duct work, the technician will use tools to remove the vent cover.

Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning Prevents a Buildup of Debris

After opening the cover of the vent, a technician can use a long tool to pull out the debris from the exhaust system. This debris is collected into trash bags for disposal at an off-site location. The dryer duct cleaning process will continue inside your home with a technician pulling a dryer away from the wall to remove the duct work in order to remove additional debris from the venting system. It is important to remember that regular dryer vent cleaning helps to prevent a buildup of debris.

Customer Reviews

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Mubarak Miya
Tech was professional he took pictures before and after he did a great job thank you More fresh air. definitely will use them again.
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Y Cox
Ben was very knowledgeable and professional. He clean each vent and brought any issues or recommendations to me immediately. I was very happy with this service. My house smells much better. I will definitely be getting my vents cleaned every 2 to 3 years as recommended. Thanks for for quick response time and service!!
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Caroline A
Excellent service. They are usually able to come out to clean our dryer vent the next day (or same day). I've used them 3 times and use them the next time as well!
More Fresh Air Services AItbvmln-BFjpgP8CUKHmbYBQ9SJwQWY8ZrpentwIR_T=s120-c-c-rp-w64-h64-mo-ba4-br100 Home
David Dunn
John was a breath of fresh air, pun intended. He restored our faith in vent cleaners. We were quoted by two other companies and met two other technicians before More Fresh air services and John. The most fair price and exceptional service in this industry hands down. I WILL NEVER USE ANOTHER COMPANY FOR MY AIR DUCT CLEANING ESPECIALLY AS LONG AS JOHN WORKS THERE AGAIN. MORE FRESH AIR ALL DAY AND TOMORROW!!!! Also, How Bout Dem Cowboys!!??!!
More Fresh Air Services AItbvmk4LZvtX0t_aIngT34v6m2gJuzEIklkOlNfJBln=s120-c-c-rp-w64-h64-mo-br100 Home
Tiffany Williams
John was very knowledgeable when answering questions I had during my service. He went above and beyond to make sure everything was properly done as well as walked me through everything he was doing. I would definitely recommend this company, especially John for any services you may need.
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Tena Megeb Tena
Ben was very nice and professional , he called me 30 minutes prior to arriving to our home. He took care of all the small details and I can really tell with the air quality in our home. He also did our dryer vent Thank you Ben , We will use again More fresh air services.
More Fresh Air Services AFdZucoeIGrT1R0QeGXZH8fA7e87BAxlzhzou1Enk0TjVg=s120-c-c-rp-w64-h64-mo-br100 Home
Andrea Taylor
The technician Mar was the absolute best! Took his time to explain what he was doing and why. He gave me tips on how to keep my ducts from getting clean while getting work done in my home. Highly recommend this company, and ask for Mar!
More Fresh Air Services AItbvmk-ZvPLUGMcKFsvf7ngvZZv46RJJvqsOTLxvqNi=s120-c-c-rp-w64-h64-mo-br100 Home
Great customer service , Tech showed up on time . I knew i needed more then the $40.00 yearly service they offer online, they were my 4th company giving EST and checking for real and not rushing , Was very happy with the service and the non over price like most Companies offered , the tech was very nice and made sure i understand Everything. i was very comfortable to ask and be little annoying . Got all photos and videos on my phone before and after the did the job Paid $375.00 i think its worth it . ROSE.

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