About Duct Cleaning



Air duct cleaning is the removal of dust in the air duct system.

your residential home or office does not want to make you sick, but it does contain mold,mildew,dust mites and other airborne particles such as pollen pet dander,smoking odors.

Air duct cleaning done correctly will remove the majority of these contaminants ,giving you more comfortable living and working environment. 


Top benefits of air duct cleaning

Less dust in your home or office

Breathe more fresh indoor air

​May improve allergy and sinus symptoms

Can help blow more air to the house

Rids your home of dust mites

Help to save money on electric bills


How often should I get air duct cleaning ?

On average the typical homeowner should have the air duct cleaning every 2-4 years or as needed ,for example allergy sufferers typically have the duct cleaned annually to help eliminate pollen growth in the house air duct also frequent cleaning's help reduce the number of dust mites in your home's duct and bedding. 


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